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VOX Pathfinder Bass 10 Amplifier

$99.99 (Sold out)

10 Watt 2 x 5" Bass Guitar Practice Amplifier with Headphone Jack

Practice with deep, thumping tone! The Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass is everything you want out of a practice bass amplifier. It's super-portable (just 2.54 lbs.), yet the tone it delivers is surprisingly powerful and professional. This makes the Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 the perfect choice for any new bass player. And be sure to check out the bright switch to give your bass sound an edgier boost. Want it distorted? Turn up the drive control and you're ready to rock. And when you want to rock at all hours, you can plug a set of headphones into the Pathfinder 10 Bass's jack and take your practices private.

10 watt bass practice amplifier
2 x 5" Vox Bulldog speakers
1/4" input jack
1/4" headphones/line-out recording jack
Drive, treble, bass, volume, and bright switches